The Woo lab studies chemoproteomic signaling.


2/7/18: The lab receives support from the Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience.  Congratulations!

2/1/18: Good luck to Shunying Liu who continues her scholarship in the Pentelute lab at MIT.

1/18/17: Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Chanat (Jay) Aongbangkhen.

12/5/18: Welcome to graduate students David Miyamoto and Alexander West.

11/11/17: Congratulations to Hope on her Perspective in Biochemistry.

10/5/2017: Welcome to visiting scholar Shunying Liu.

9/5/2017: Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Erin Heim.

8/4/2017: Good luck to Adelphe Mfuh who takes a position at Astra Zeneca & Paloma Tuttle who completes her summer internship.

6/10/2017: Welcome to postdoctoral fellow Chia Fu Chang and MCO SROH student Paloma Tuttle. 

5/22/2017: The lab receives support from the William F. Milton Fund.  Congratulations!