Christina M. Woo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, and an affiliate member of the Broad Institute. She obtained a BA in Chemistry from Wellesley College (2008), and conducted undergraduate research in the laboratory of Professor Dora Carrico-Moniz.  She obtained her PhD in 2013 from Yale University under the guidance of Professor Seth B. Herzon as an NSF predoctoral fellow in the synthetic and chemical biology studies of diazofluorene antitumor antibiotics.  In 2013, Christina joined the laboratory of Professor Carolyn R. Bertozzi at the University of California Berkeley as a Jane Coffins Child postdoctoral fellow, and continued at Stanford University (2015) as a Burroughs Wellcome Fund postdoctoral fellow, where she developed a mass-independent chemical glycoproteomics platform for the identification of non-templated post-translational modifications.  Christina joined the faculty at Harvard University in 2016.  Christina’s independent research focuses on how small molecules influence protein function and biological signaling using large-scale chemical biology approaches. 

Honors and Awards

Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award (2019), Albert P. Sloan Research Fellow in Chemistry (2019), International Chemical Biology Society Young Chemical Biologist Award (2018), NIH DP1 Avenir Award (2018), Ono Pharma Foundation Breakthrough Science Award (2018), Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Career Awards at the Scientific Interface Fellow (2015–2020), Stanford University Mass Spectrometry Seed Grant (2015–2016), Best Presentation Award, Stanford CHEM-H Postdoc Retreat (2015), Richard Wolfgang Prize for Best Dissertation in Chemistry (2014), Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow of the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund (2013–2016), Roche Excellence in Chemistry Award (2012), Sigma-Aldrich Graduate Student Innovation Award (2011), National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2010–2013), Dox Graduate Summer Fellowship (2009), Sigma-Xi Inductee (2008), Honorable mention, Merck Index Women in Chemistry Scholarship (2008), NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Grant Recipient (2006), DAAD Research Internships in Science and Engineering Scholarship (2005).